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6 công cụ nhà thiết kế web cần để tạo một trang web

(Tạm thời chưa có thời gian để dịch sang tiếng việt - thông cảm )

There are some ground rules when it comes to build a website from scratch, these rules are flexible and every web designer adapt them for their own needs and requirements. Here I’ll post some tools that you can use to build a webpage.


Lauchlist web application keeps a checklist with the most common test and rules for creators. These are really simple to understand and with a really smooth appearance. This questions are consider mandatory, and are necessary if we want to assure a good service to our own users.


I found this web app really helpful for when starting our webpage or blog from scratch this tool is absolutely necessary, especially for those new builders that are still asking for directions.

Link | Lauchlist

HTML editor

The next thing we need is a HTML editor, CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor supports HTML5, CSS3, has wizards for table creation and includes a ftp uploader so you can have all that tools in just one application for you to not install a lot of software.

It also lets you manage your web pages by projects, insertion of image, links, background objects, highlighting and many more features. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Link | CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

Image editor

An image editor, a mandatory tool to make a webpage, here I recommend PicPick, which is a complete and very useful application that will let us create images and edit them in a very easy way. It supports screen capture in full screen, the active window, window control, region, fixed region, freehand, repeat last capture and even sharing them to ftp, email, Facebook and Twitter.

It also have an integrated image editor with a very simple user interface and useful tools like standard drawing, shapes, arrows, lines, text, contrast, brightness, pixelate, flip and more. Has a color picker and color palette to use the color we want.

Link | PicPick

Fonts Choice

Every time we’re developing web sites, we use the ideal font to impact our users. Also happens when we do PowerPoint presentations, Flash, banners, you name it. Font Viewer is a web tool that I have to thank for its simplicity and potential. No registration required and you only need to enter the site, this start working automatically and unattended.

Font Viewer loads all the fonts installed on the PC system where you enter, it shows a test text to see the look in specific. One detail is that we can customize this text, as you can see from the previous capture not only customize it, we can also change your color and size.

Link | Font Viewer

Validate your webpage

One of the biggest challenges for webmasters is to make their web page looking good everywhere, that is, with all available web browsers. This time we have Markup Validation Service, a indispensable tool for every web master.


Markup Validation Service validates, just by introducing the url, if your page is fulfilling the web standards; in case it is not, it will point what is the mistake and give you the possibility to change and correct it.

Link | Markup Validation Service

Making it Mobile

One of the last and very important part, making a mobile web of our website, the answer to that is Onbile, the intelligent web service that allows you to create the mobile version of your website in a few steps. This is one of the most powerful web tools for all webmasters I have met in recent days, and lets you create, in few steps, the mobile version (or ‘minimalist’) of your website. The service is completely free to all users.


It really is a very powerful web tool that is impossible to overlook and that I, in particular, will be studying it for use, since in How-To New immediately need the mobile version in order to offer users who visit us all the best.


Hope this few tips and tools help you get an idea of what making a webpage or blog is all about. There are hundreds or other steps, methods and tips, but that would be for another day.